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Second LP of SYIH from Brno/Czech republic isout now – 8 brand new songs of fast, raw and 100% full-on energy HC /punk recorded at infamous Šopa studio.

Reviews :

“Very cool old school sounding Czech hardcore punk, which brings to mind a lot of old US and European hardcore influences. SEE YOU IN HELL isfairly straight-forward, no-frills stuff and won’t throw you a curve ball stylistically, which in my book can be something very good.Sometimes you want your hardcore served up raw and that’s when youlisten to SEE YOU IN HELL”
(NM, Maximum RocknRoll #299)

“Another in a long line of high energy releases from Czech Republic’s SEEYOU IN HELL. Eight songs of everything that makes you to love them:speed, agility, hooks and near cryptic lyrics that challenge you toquestion everything that goes on around you while giving you thefeeling that everything could be alright if we apply ourselves. Thelyrics are printed in English and are accompanied by a collage ofb/w show flyers. If this is your first time reading P.E. you shouldget ahold of issue 52/53 and check out the SEE YOU IN HELL Japanesetour diary. These guys are awesome!”
{PROFANE EXISTENCE issue 55, December 2007}

SEE YOU IN HELL have been going for quite some time now and despite not blowing me away completely with their earliest stuff I was stillhooked on the band and wanted more. When they brought their noise to the big format in the shape of “Umet se Prodat” I knew I would getall the records from this band as long as they kept them coming.Now, after some time of silence as far as records go they once again deliver their noise through the big format. Since the last one theband has been on a number of tours so despite not releasing anything new since 2005 they’ve been real active. During this they’ve alsoaltered their sound a bit, probably inspired by their countless live performances. The prominent Japanese hardcore influences are more or less gone and SEE YOU IN HELL does sound a lot more Czech, perhapswith some old Italian influences thrown in for good measures.

The sound is a lot rawer and feels like they wanted to lay it down like they sound live – hard, rough, energetic, and honest. I like this,but I must say I wasn’t too impressed at first as I missed the sound they had on the “Umet se Prodat” LP and were afraid the band hadgone in an opposite direction to what I had hoped. I still claimthey went in this “wrong” direction, but at the same time I’llgladly admit that it was I who was wrong – this band can take anydirection it pleases and still present one hell of a record. For as far as I’ve been into hardcore punk raw has been what I’m lookingfor, and everything about this record is raw; the roaring vocals,sharp guitar riffs and equally as sharp leads, a rumbling bass, andsome frantic battering to tie it all together. I really do hope Iwill meet up with this lot in hell!”
[Krogh – (, November 2007)

“I guess SEE YOU IN HELL (= more or less former MRTVA BUDOUCNOST) arenot born to frustrate me because like their “Split kazeta” splittape w/HOMO CONSUMENS, the split 7”es w/MINDLOCK (01), MASSGENOCIDEPROCESS (05) and THE PUBLIC (03) and the “Umet se prodat (MarketYourself)” 12” (04, this brand-new 12” is the shit. You know,there’re a truckload of spanking bands within the Eastern Europeancountries, but SEE YOU IN HELL are amongst the finest. On “Útok!”(=  “Attack!”) this quartet out of the Czech Republic focuses on quicker paced, muscular, every now and then harmonious, but alwaysexceedingly pissed off, massive hardcore/punk with even more pissed off singing parts. Ha, I believe these guys have a ton of classicJapanese records within their collection – always a good sign! Inspite of everything, this 12”, which resides in a vast gatefoldsleeve, is a modern day masterpiece!”
(Loser – Short, Fast And Loud zine issue 18)

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