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casewrapped jacket coated by matt lamination / printed inner bag / limited to 400 copies

The third full-lenght in a row to be recorded in 2007 by what might be MASTER’s longest running line-up, ‘Slaves To Society’ wasn’t just a important album for the death-metal veterans because of its so-called shocking artwork being officially censored upon its release but also since it marked their artistic rebirth, later confirmed with a bang with ‘The Human Machine’.

Yes, this is classic MASTER to the core but while the music has the kind of instant drive and hunger we hadn’t hear since their self-titled debut, it’s really the heavy dose of bile displayed by Paul Speckmann here that makes it truly special. The man has never been shy with his intentions, especially he permanently moved from the States to the Czech Republic. But to put it simple, he’s never sounded that pissed off. Our rotten society, the authorities, our corrupted government, you, me… Everybody’s a target and he’s more than happy to aim at us and let freedom ring with a shotgun blast to quote one famous line of one famous thrash anthem.

‘Slaves To society’ ain’t just the sound of one of death-metal most seminal act reclaiming his throne. It’s the call to arms from one of the scene most caustic and vicious yet cruelly accurate critic. It’s the sound of Paul Speckmann raging at the world and having a blast doing it.

Now available for the first time on LP and with its original cover artwork intact. Fuck censorship!

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