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On paper, one could think that RITE and MORDBRAND have little in common, apart from their Swedish nationality. And in a way, this assumption is true: whereas the former dwells in old-school black-metal tampered waters and has so far released only demos and EPs, the later is a full-on death-metal machine set up by twenty years veterans (incl. vocalist Per Boder from the mighty GOD MACABRE!) determined to remain faithful to their initial goal. They’re not even from the city, with RITE being haunting the shores of Gothenburg while MORDBRAND is located over 250 kms from there in Karlstad.

Yet somehow the two ended up striking a friendship that first led to RITE making an appearance on one track on MORBRAND latest full-length (‘Imago’) released through DOOMENTIA. The next logical step was to share a split together and the two, especially the latter who put out already several splits, gladly obliged. Except that whereas RITE contribution – the nearly seven minutes long “Death Rise Shapeless” – is exactly the one you would have expect from those satanic warriors, MORDBRAND did the opposite and used that opportunity to drag their putrid Swedeath in doom territories, yet still draped in that instantly recognizable buzzsaw guitar sound. Overall, a great split seven inch to cement those two death worshippers friendship… In blood!

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