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You can take the man out of the death metal but you can’t take the death metal out of the man, it seems. Following the example of his former MACABRE END/GOD MACABRE comrade Jonas Ståhlhammar – who after a ten year break from the extreme metal scene has been churning out records like crazy since forming BOMBS OF HADES – Per Boder is back in full swing and doing what he knows best: growling his way through furious slabs of old-school Swedish death fuckin’ metal!

If MORBRAND was initiated as a studio project by Johan Rudberg and Björn Larsson, from thrash metal warriors THE LAW, in 2006, it’s really when Boder was pulled out of his retirement in 2010 that the band finally started to fire all cylinders. And since the release of
their first MCD ‘Necropsychotic’ in 2011, they’ve been on a roll. The following year saw them offering a split with, you’ve guessed it, BOMBS OF HADES and a 7 inch EP (entitled‘Kolumbarium’). Guess that ‘Unmake’ just proves that they’re not planning to slow down anytime soon…

Adorned with a fantastic artwork by Juanjo Castellano Rosado, not only does it include three new tracks, but as a special treat it also features one killer EXCITER cover – “War Is Hell” (whose original is included on the Canadians’ second album ‘Violence & Force‘ from 1984,
yeah!) – with added eerie keyboard layers that makes it even more evil-sounding. Overall, it almost feels as if his absence from the scene for so long, Boder is now on a mission to make up for lost time. Mission accomplished, since ‘Unmake’ could just as well have been recorded at Sunlight Studios in 1991, ’cause many wouldn’t know the difference. Svensk dödsmetall rules!!!

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