DRUID LORD – Druid Death Cult EP

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Tampa, Florida. Once upon the time death-metal Mecca, before the whole thing started to shift back into the kind of morose vibe and dullness it should have never left in the first place, leaving behind today only a handful of bands to carry the torch whatever the costs are. 

Formed in 2010, DRUID LORD isn’t a seasoned band per se but its members damn are. Having served massively in the sadly overlooked EQUINOX but also in DIABOLIC, ACHERON or even the mighty INCUBUS, those guys are the real deal and have collectively decided under their new banner to go back to their roots, both musically and spiritually wise. So while the music of DRUID LORD is a fine return to the days of yore when VENOM, CELTIC FROST and POSSESSED reigned supreme, a time where death fuckin’ metal meant heavy tempos, great riffs and dark atmosphere, not technically wanking nor ill-fated so-called concepts, they’ve been playing over the last two years the UG game faithfully according to its original rules. So besides one hell of a debut album released on Walpurgis night in 2010 (and aptly titled ‘Hymns Of The Wicked’), they’ve also been steadily putting out split seven EP with a couple of fellow retro-metalheads, namely WOODEN STAKE, KAIJU and SKELETAL SPECTRE. 

But this one is different. The first 7 inches of theirs bearing their name alone underneath its creepy Mark Riddick artwork enhanced by your average DOOMENTIA quality stamp, ‘Druid Death Cult’ also contains what is maybe their heaviest material to date. Yes, the fact that the whole thing starts off to the sound of thunder, pouring thunder and of a church bell echoing (Black Sabbath anyone?!) in the distance ain’t no coincidence as those two new tracks, once again recorded by the band’s own Tony Blakk last fall, were conceived under the sign of doooooom. Twelve fuckin’ minutes that are bound to firmly put DRUID LORD at the top of the old-school doom/death foodchain. Ugh! 

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