DRUID LORD – Baron Blood EP

sludge / doom


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So you thought that last year’s ‘Druid Death Cult’ was DRUID LORD heaviest material to date? Think again. If you’re an avid follower of both the Floridian scene and DOOMENTIA, that band should need no introduction. Formed by seasoned veterans that have nothing to prove anymore since they’ve been assaulting legions of metalheads for over two decades in such revered acts as EQUINOX, ACHERON or DIABOLIC, DRUID LORD’s purpose since day one has always been to mix both classic doom and old-school death-metal and it’s never been truer than on this, their brand new EP for DOOMENTIA records.

Dedicated to cult horror movie director Mario Bava and enlighted (or should we say darkened?) by Eric Rot’s intensely morbid artwork, those two tracks, by far the slowest they’ve ever made, see for the first time the band switching totally to doom mood. With swirls of an agonizing organ in the back and pounding tempos only, ‘Baron Blood’ and especially ‘Monarch Macabre’ take their BLACK SABBATH/CELTIC FROST inspired sound to new heights of heaviness. While the band is now hard at work on their second full-length, this skilfully mastered by Patrick Bruss (CRYPTICUS) EP is a good reminder that in 2013, not everyone is dead and rotting in Florida… All hail DRUID LORD! 

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