SUBDUED – Torment & Torture Demo CASS

crust / punk


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Storming debut by satanist, leatherist, body build-ist, Rat-ist, Subdued. Described aptly by a casual passerby as “North Shields War Metal” this London band brings us six tracks of powerful hardcore punk indebted to Amebix and the cold mud and unforgiving wind of the empty British landscape. Slyly tuneful guitar leads in the indentured service of plodding metallic riffing accompanied by dismembered bass, pummelling drums and a hateful full throated roar. All these aspects bringing to mind some imagined thin line walked by Icons of Filth inching toward early Venom. Noise contributions by Canadian upstart Liam McCarthy (Jockstrap, Mud,…), and original artwork by drummer Nicky Rat and vocalist Jack Sabbat. 

Pro-dubbed tape with 8 panel fold out sleeve and download code.


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