SUBDUED – Over The Hills And Far Away LP

a-punk / d-beat / crust


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Subdued unleash their crushing debut album and not a moment too soon. In these dark and bleak days of 2020 they deliver a perfect album of classic anarcho punk with gothic tinges. impassioned vocals, raging guitar work that ranges from straight ahead to every so tinted flanged sounds mix with a locked in, energetic and relentless rhythm section. Their are moments of quiet and calm, spoken word vocals and metallic edges that just add to the tension and intensity. if someone told you that this was released in 1986 on Mortarhate, you wouldn’t be surprised. This album, along with Bad Breeding are setting the bar for a new golden age of anrcho punk in the UK. This album deserves a place in your collection next to Icons Of Filth, Anti Sect, Vex and Exit Stance.

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