DESOLATEVOID – Self medicated psycho therapy CD

Crimes Against Humanity Records
death / sludge


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brutální hardcore metal, mix Eyhategod / Hellshock a starý klasiky Bolt Thrower / Dismember.

lawdy, cover your ears and protect your privates, DESOLATEVOID ain’t
foolin’ around. That such a quality dish of battery acid and pit bullballs has been released on one of the premier crust punk and grind
labels, Crimes Against Humanity, is not surprising. While Self Medicated
Psycho Therapy is not exclusively a crust or grindcore album, bits ofboth genres are mixed into the putrid stew. Hell, there’s enough crust
covering this black-toothed sludge metal bitch to bake the world’s
largest apple pie. Consider an album that is anchored in a more straight
ahead SOILENT GREEN, sucks the bone marrow out of EYEHATEGOD, and
smokes up a little HIGH ON FIRE (the latter two both acknowledged
influences). Maybe then you’ll understand why this shit is too heavy for
the candy asses among you.

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