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If Desolatevoid’s debut, Self Medicated Psycho Therapy (2006), contained enough filthy groove to be the aural equivalent of dipping your toes in a used colostomy bag the size of Lake Superior, its follow up, No Sign of Better Times, will find the listener fully submerged. Allow opening track, “Isolation Embrace,” to be the unexpected violent shove from behind that sends you careening from the relative safety of the shore into the stench and the muck. It is a song as fast and remorseless as a down swing in today’s Stock Market. Lyrics are awash in paranoia, alienation, and rage. Andy Howard’s vocals display more of a range this time, while somehow managing to sound even more bestial. The rhythm section of Tim Smith (drums) and Nick Carroll (bass) is driving and tight. And the riffs and leads, laid down by newcomer Stolp and veteran Brent K., are heavy and contagious (the spectre of founding member Patrick Sova all over this album). In fact, this album is a 30-minute summation of the last 30 years of heavy metal. There’s the doomy groove of “Crimes Against My Sanity” (clever), the jet black punk junk of “Wreckage of Yesterday,” the black metal flourishes of “Way Past Wits End,” the classic death/grind opening and thrashy breakdown of “F***ed and Furious,” and surprise of surprises, the NWOBHM riff spread throughout the album’s opus, “Amongst the Scattered Pills.” It’s Metal History 101, kids. Get off the bit torrents. Buy this CD. Click on Read Reviews” for reviews this has recieved so far from Magazines and other sources.

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