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12 Czech raw HC bands including DREAD101, SEE YOU IN HELL, SPACE TO BEING, INNOXIA CORPORA, HOMOCONSUMENS, UNDERFIRE, GRIDE, MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS, NEMABARIKADA, FRIENDSHIP FOREVER, SICHERHATE SYSTEM and NOT. Bookletcontains more than 20 pages long article about the history ofpunk / HC in Czech Rep. since 1978 until today written in English!

Reviews :

I want to start by saying that it is an impressive effort to get this compilation together. Not only ’cause there’s 12 bands, and 11labels, of which all more or less kicks serious ass. No, not justthat, but also ’cause of the 52(!) paged fullsize booklet. Each band gets two sides and the labels ˝ each. But that’s not all, there’salso a 22 page Czech Republic scenereport cover the years 1978-2003. Complete with lots of pictures and stuff. Way to go!! Gride,Homoconsumens, Not, Innoxia Corpora, Nema Barikada, Mass GenocideProcess, Sicherhatesystem, Space to Being, Dread 101, See You inHell, Underfire and Friendship Forever are the bands on this comp.And if you have any knowledge of the Czech Rep. Scene you know noneof them are bad really. And if you don’t have any knowledge, GETTHIS! And there’s only 4 tracks in English on this, one of them acover, and that’s also a big plus. A LP comp. That doesn’t getboring, ever, that’s a good effort in itself.

“LP: Whoa, let me mention at first that this sampler flat out rules asit rages from the first to the very last second! What you get are 1to 3 attacks from some famous as well as entirely unknown bands, sobe prepared for some madly quick, powerful hardcore (UNDERFIRE, MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS, INNOXIA CORPORA), ragingly intense crust (DREAD101 – –, NEMÁ BARIKÁDA – –, HOMOCONSUMENS, SICHERHATESYSTEM)and/or entirely ripping, rapid fire, wild thrashing madness (SEE YOU IN HELL – –, NOT, GRIDE, SPACE TO BEING – –, FRIENDSHIP FOREVER). There’s notone single stinker among these 12 hordes / 25 assaults, so itwouldn’t make much sense to list my faves! Okay, if I ever will beforced at gunpoint to do so, I would whisper MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS,NEMÁ BARIKÁDA, HOMOCONSUMENS, GRIDE and SPACE TO BEING, but thatdoesn’t mean the other groups don’t have the ability to knock me out of my concrete socks! In addition the sheer magnitude of thecrushing music itself, this compilation also contains a huge,eye-catching 52-paged booklet which is divided in 2 halfs and whilethe first part contains the artwork plus lyrics by the bands, thesecond element features a well written Czech scene report (from 1978 – 2003!!) and includes tons of awesome pics! Now that is cool if youask me! To come to an end: This record is a fucking killer in everyway possible!! 
WARPRAYER newsletter issue 98

’t heard a compilation this good in like 10 years or so. Many labelswere involved in this project. The bands included are FRIENDSHIPFOREVER, SEE YOU IN HELL, SPACE TO BEING, MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS,NOT, HOMO CONSUMENS, GRIDE, INNOXIA CORPORA, DREAD 101, UNDERFIRE,SICHERHATE SYSTEM and NEMA BARIKADA. Most of them are great and play very fast hardcore/punk. Get this record! {NW}”

“A valiant, support – the local – scene compilation of the CzechRepublics fastest bands!! A superb effort done here, made inavluable due to the fantastic, gigantic booklet that accompanies thismonster LP, filled with info/history on the Czech hardcore/punkscene dating back to the 70s. This zine is worth the price ofadmission alone. But wait, you get a handful of songs each from some of the Republics finest hardcore/thrash/grind units, check this out: tank destroying crust from DREAD 101, MASSGENOCIDE PROCESS, raginggrind from NOT, SEE YOU IN HELL, GRIDE, NEMA BARIKADA, raging fasthardcore from HOMO CONSUMENS, SPACE TO BEING, SICHERHATESYSTEM,FRIENDSHIP FOREVER, UNDERFIRE and some tuneful politi-core fromINNOXIA CORPORA. A multi-label release, ours came from InsaneSociety.”

“Since getting into hardcore and punk 20 years ago I have always had aglobal perspective that has been fueled by the BCT tapes and moreimportant being good friends with Imants who is always slipping metidbids of info, records or tapes from some distant scene. DyingAlive is truly a scene effort as no less than 11 labels and 12 bands work together to release a record documenting the current Czechscene. The LP destroys with a mix of frantic paced hardcore, grindand some mellower more political street punk bands. My favorites being SEE YOU IN HELL, HOMOCONSUMENS and INNOXIA CORPORA. The LP isaccompanied by a huge 50 page 8-1/2“ x 11“ fanzine that is adetailed scene report from 1978 through until 2003 as well as bandpages for the band participating on the comp. After compiling the„Toronto City Omnibus“ LP and organizing the release show, I cantruly appreciate all of the work and effort that went into releasing this document. To work with 10 other labels in organizing therelease is a true testament to the labels dedication to their Scene. You are the Scene… Support both your locan and International scenestoday. (CC)
EQUALIZING – X- DISTORT Vol.4, issue 3

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