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One time pressing of 500 copies!

Y plays HC at hypersonic speeds with stop on a dime tempo changes into some hectic and catchy slow parts that quickly explode back into high speed fury.

This LP contains the Ali Bomaye” LP (1997), split EP with DISCRIPT (1995), the s/t Y EP (1996) and 2 unreleased songs all re-mastered. 40 tracks in 40 minutes!

Y does to the human brain what a tornado does to a trailer park. Their crust/thrash is full throttled from start to finish, with barely a moment to catch your breathe between songs. The lyrics are almost as rage filled as the music with Y taking shots at everything from Nazis to cops to abusive husbands to tabloid newspapers. The only downside to the release is that it took me a couple of times through to come to grips with the vocals on the more recent material. They are buried in the mix and one-dimensional even by thrash standards, which undercuts some of the diversity in the songs, many of which have a very strong groove buried in the maelstrom of sound.

For fans of DROP DEAD!

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