UNREST – Lake Of Misery LP

d-beat / crust


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Brutální crust core přesně pro fans kapel jako Skitsystem, Wolfpack nebo Martyrdod. S hrubostí a nasraností Extreme Noise Terror.

UNREST is just pure brutal force and annihilation constantly smacking your head against a wall. This LP is a ferocious blow to the kidneys: fast, dark and energetic. UNREST manages it to take the the raw power from scandi-crust bands like SKITSYSTEM, MARTYRDÖD or early WOLFPACK mixing it with the lethal force of grindcore acts like AFGRUND, NASUM or EXTREME NOISE TERROR but still keeping their own style in ways of songwriting and riffing. You even find short guitar solos mixed in the most brutal riffs you’ve probably heard in years. lake of misery” has been produced at the Tonmeisterei and the production is flawless. The guitars just grind their way into your ears, the bass sound would also be good for a speaker test. So deep and thunderous. The drums are attacky as fuck and played with skill and haste. The voice finalizes the pure brutality. Guttural and straight from the throat that makes you feel like you still can taste the blood on your tongue. Vinyl comes with inside-out cover, black innersleeve, lyricsheet and includes a digital download card. If you always wondered how an atomic bomb dropped on your head feels, here you go.

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