THE NATURE – Din Medicin LP

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This is a post I should have written months ago, but it’s better late than never, right?

Let’s be straight: when I received The Nature album “Din Medicin” back in August, I knew I would like it since I have been following their career from their very beginnings. What I did not expect though is that it would turn out to be THAT addictive. Actually, this is one of the Swedish records I played the most in my iPod this year.

Why? Maybe it is linked with its very raw production. Or its melodic rage. Or cause it does not matter to me if I do not get the lyrics in Swedish, I can feel a punk emergency I do love. It reminds me the little rock gems of The Open Up and bleeds, another too confidential Swedish band I do fancy.

There might be some fillers within the tracklisting, but songs such as the very catchy “Förlorare” or “Ett rån” remain catchy enough to seduce anyone who enjoy punk rock music. And I always appreciate when the bass is put that forward. And the whole album sounds so sincere it is hard to resist. So don’t. Get it there.

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