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The kings are back! Thirty years after their first studio effort, the legendary Systema” flexi EP, Systematic Death is back with the ninth chapter of their Systema-graphy, called “The Moon watches”. Twelve songs of raging and thrashing classic Japanese hardcore, made by the masters themselves. When it comes down to songwriting, Systematic Death managed to define their sound in a perfect way, creating a way of playing that’s immediately recognisable but it nevers sounds boring or over used. Every drum beat, bass note, guitar lick or scream is perfectly placed in a wider context, merging together in a unstoppable force. The most fitting word to describe the sound of this record is obviously INTENSE, because every song here is crammed with pure hardcore awesomeness. Every release in Systematic Death’s discography is a istant classic and “The Moon watches” makes no exception. For fans of Gauze, Lip Cream, Outo and Gudon!

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