Su19b – Neutralize LP

grind / sludge


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Neutralize – Lp: Second LP by enigmatic power violence masters Su19b, dropping in time for their west coast USA tour this summer. Su19b plays power violence band ever was playing ‘fast/slow/fast’, Su19b was playing ‘slow/fast/slow’. They made a style of hardcore that felt categorically different than their peers, accentuating different parts of the power violence style that other bands weren’t touching on. And over the last 21 years, across an assortment of splits and their amazing first LP from 2015, they have continued to evolve and refine their style into something wholly unique and original. While still playing power violence”, they now sound much more akin to a Corrupted sense of sludge/doom metal, but with brief moments of bombastic blastbeats and raging thrash that act as explosive… more.

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