REGIMEN – Sinnesfrid LP



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When Commitment Crew stopped being a band some of the members started Regimen instead. They made three tapes in a year and a full length and this is the follow up. Recorded by Tommy Tift of Vånna Inget, True Moon etc in his Studio Motion. Mixing melodic elements a la Hüsker Dü with fast hardcore like Direct Control etc. Their best recording so far!

Was mightily impressed with these Swedes’ debut a little more than three years back, and this likewise doesn’t disappoint. Unlike many of their punk rock countrymen, they avoid the whole Discharge influence altogether and instead tear into some cracking, largely mid-tempo hardcore steeped in surf with the occasional psychedelic flourish. Eight tunes that’ll stomp a mudhole in ye and leave you praying that they somehow find a way to make it stateside for a monster tour with Night Birds. –Jimmy Alvarado (Sista Versen)

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