PERMISSION – Organised People Suffer LP

hardcore / raw punk


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MUS211 PERMISSION – Organised People Suffer MLP

The latest record from London’s Permission perfects their thin savage sound that they’ve been refining for three records now. Restless manic hardcore, squirming with fury. While some hardcore attacks with sheer force or repetitive brutality, PERMISSION’s riffs whip back and forth like loose firehose, and though there may be some spiritual ancestors in the likes of weirder, more discomfiting ends of 80s hardcore like DIE KREUZEN or MECHT MENSCH, PERMISSION’s angle of attack, their style of itchy marshalled chaos, unpredictable yet never disjointed, is very much their own. (Joe Briggs)

Organised People Suffer sleeve and poster designed by guitarist Ralph Simmonds with a lyric insert designed by drummer Lloyd Clipston.

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