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Puke N Vomit Records

Not only were the Partisans one of the best and most inspiring bands from the third wave of British Punk. Hailing from Wales, originally starting out in 1978, they not only channeled all the melody and magic of their influences (Sex Pistols /Clash / Ramones/ Vibrators / Stiff Little Fingers /UK Subs) from the first two waves of UK and American punk they added a refreshing amount of youthful energy and best of all a hard ‘kids on the street’ edge to their sound.

Originally released in 1983 on the now legendary No Future Records This debut LP has become one of the seminal albums in 80s British punk alongside records from the likes of Blitz, Red Alert and Cock Sparrer. Just one listen to songs like ’17 Years Of Hell’ and ‘I Never Needed You’ and you’ll know why this album shows up constantly on so many ‘Top 100’ must have lists of Classic UK Punk.

It is now being released domestically for the first time on Puke n Vomit Records. comes with a 24×24 poster of the album cover

Replica re-issue of the cover and artwork. 180 g black vinyl. Seminal record for any punk in UK, China or whatever you live, fucker!!!! The Partisans were formed in Wales south in 1978 with the original line-up of Phil Staton-voice, Rob Spike” Harrington-guitar and backing vocals, Andy Lealand-second guitar, Mark “Shark” Harris-drums and Mark “Savage” Parsons-bass.

This line-up will change after one year as Parsons and Staton left the band and Rob took the voice position and entering Louise Wright as bass player.

Basically influenced by Sex Pistols, The Clash and Ramones, The Partisans started to cover those bands and playing some own sounds too.

On September 1981 they released their first 7″ under the label No Future Records, a fantastic single that helped the band to tour with the likes of Blitz, The Ejected and Peter and the Test Tube Babies.

On May 1982 they released their second 7″ and when 1983 arrived the band’s debut LP was out.

This debut LP is one of the seminal steps on British punk for sure, a record that still sound fresh and strong after 3o years.

Beat Generation is more than proud to announce the re-issue of this legendary record on 180 grams vinyl with the same cover and inside artwork and stricted limited to 500 copies.

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