NECRONY – Demos ’91-94 + Mucu-purulent miscarriage EP ’91 LP

death metal


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NECRONY Demos ’91-94 + Mucu-purulent miscarriage EP ’91” Great quality collection featuring the band’s first demotape “Severe malignant pustule” (1991), the “Mucu-Purulent Miscarriage” EP (1991) and their promo tape ’93-94. Total early CARCASS gore/grind worship delivered by pre-NASUM members. Razor-sharp grinding riffs combined with rotten to the gore puking vocals in the best “Reek of putrefaction” tradition. If you like the Swedish school of pathological Grindcore (think of GENERAL SURGERY, early REGURGITATE etc) this is a total must have. 12 songs. Includes an insert with lyrics and a reproduction of the original cassette sleeve!

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