MISCARIAGE – Peace? Justice? Murder! LP

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It’s not the first time that DOOMENTIA has been digging the old archives to exhume a long forgotten recording from the golden era of the extreme metal scene, a recent example being the sole two songs recorded by the ephemeral Swedish death masters EGYPT reissued on a glorious 7. Hell, some labels these days seem to live only to restore those ancient pieces of music from obscurity… Still, from time to time, one specific band or demo still knock you in the head by its sheer aggression or energy after all those years. MISCARIAGE is one those bands. 

On paper, those Germans death merchants had a relatively short lifespan: they lurked for approximately two years in the darkest corridors of the Stuttgart area metal scene and recorded only one proper demo (if you count their live demo tape from ’95) before kicking their singer out and switching both name (they then opted for MATRICIDE) and style. Only to fade into oblivion few months later, with only their former bass player Jan Rademaker maintaining later on a somehow profile in the scene with BLIZZARD and RADEMASSAKER…

Still, over twenty two years after its initial recording, ‘Peace? Justice? Murder!’ remains a fine piece of thrash/death history at a time when both sub-genres had been deemed as ‘outdated’. Leaning closer in spirit to early INVOCATOR and PESTILENCE or even fellow countrymen DARK MILLENNIUM than to the classic sound of the 80’s, they were quite sharp for such a young outfit and had a good sense of melody and even ideas that could be labelled as ‘progressive’, even if the shouting vocals of Sven Elvers still remains an acquired taste. With its five quite lengthy tracks and unusual take on this classic sound, MISCARIAGE was your typical ‘make or break’ type of band and even if, indeed, they didn’t last very long, this sole twenty-five minutes long recording of theirs is a vibrant snippet of what they could have been… 



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