MILITARY SHADOW – Violent reign LP

metal / punk


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Solid black vinyl (180 grams) with red silkscreen print on B-side, limited to 200 copies.
The return of the Metal/Punk iron fist! 6 brand new tracks from one of the most promising revelations in the current day Japanese underground inferno, a merciless armageddon made of scorching riffage and solos, vitriolic vocals all grinded into a venomous encounter between ’80s Speed Metal and Japanese Hardcore. As we previously described them: “a vicious orgy of metallic Hardcore savagery exploding through incendiary riffs, epic GISM-flavored solos and rabid vocals. A must have for fans of GISM, ZOUO, THE SEXUAL, G.A.T.E.S. and PARASITE!” One sided LP with insert and bonus postcard.

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