MASTER – The New Elite LP

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You just can’t keep Paul Speckmann down! The man has had quite an extremely busy schedule over the last three years or so to say the least – touring, touring and touring besides re-releasing part of his MASTER back-catalogue along with his very first ‘professional’ recordings under the WAR CRY moniker. But even if he’ll turn fifty next year, the years haven’t calmed down his anger. As a matter of fact, the older he gets, the more pissed off he seems to be. Don’t believe us?! Just listen to ‘The New Elite’ and see for yourself!

See, just as its predecessor ‘The Human Machine’ was his spiteful revenge on how Society is turning us into slaves while we turn our heads to offer the other cheek, MASTER official eleventh full-length simply doesn’t take any prisoner, hammered down by has now been the most solid line-up the band has ever had (five albums in a row and counting) and entirely recorded and mixed in Shaark studio in Bzenec in Czech Republic. Following the quite punkish direction followed by the band since 2007’s ‘Slaves To Society’ but with an upbeat tempo and sense of urgency, the vinyl edition of this new manifesto of hate features all eleven new tracks but with a cover artwork different to the CD (released by PULVERISED RECORDS), of course exclusive to this version. 

MASTER, twenty nine years on and still raging!

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