MACHETAZO – Trono De Huesos LP

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Po deseti letech repres druhé desky španělských horror death / grinderů Machetazo.


Having successfully first collaborated on the ‘Desolacion Mental’ EP last year, the Spanish grind masters and DOOMENTIA have once again joined forces, this time to aptly resurrect from the dead MACHETAZO long sold-out second LP, ‘Trono De Huesos’!
Originally released on RAZORBACK RECORDS in the spring of 2002 and already released on LP once through THRONE RECORDS (an edition that also was gone in the blink of an eye), this 10th anniversary of this underground classic edition is one to behold. As besides the original album in its original form, it also includes a giant poster of its iconic cover, extensive liner notes from Ramon “The Grindchild” Rodriguez from LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER and two bonus tracks, -including a ripping cover of CARNAGE’s “The Day Man Lost”-, taken from the hard to find split EP they shared in 2007 with RIBSPREADER.
But at the end of the day, this is still to this day MACHETAZO purest grindcore album, a vicious and demented yet true nod to the early days of the genre when REPULSION and TERRORIZER ruled the world of extreme metal and it’s once again available for all you to learn, or re-learn for that matter, what the word ‘grindcore’ REALLY fucking means. Remastered for vinyl. 

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