LONDON 77 – Iustitita LP (die hard)

hardcore / raw punk


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Diehard smokey yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies.
Ultra-raw, crude HC Punk from Latina, central Italy. Their rare demotape recorded twice with two different line-ups (1983-1984) here included in both versions plus as special bonus, their songs from “Loro decidono… tu paghi!” (They decide… you pay!) compilation released by BCT in 1984. Although the name may suggest ‘77 styled punk, this is dirty and angry Italian hardcore from the furious years, for fans of WRETCHED, BLOODY RIOT, EU’S ARSE and early RAPPRESAGLIA.. 28 songs! Another obscure gem unearthed from the inexhaustible F.O.A.D. archives. LP with insert including rare photos, scans of the original tapes and an exclusive interview with Nando (bass/vocals) that later went on to form the cult punk rock powerhouse SENZABENZA.

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