KURVY ČEŠI – Šnečí med LP

hardcore / punk


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“Look, there is some product leaking directly out of You!” … It’s a Snail Honey. Snail Honey cranks up the body mills in the colossu of Benefactor and describes so ephemeral social movements and worldviews. Kurvy Češi are the best of the best of the buffoons of their generation and their humanity should be an inspiration to all. They hereby confirm this opinion with Snail Honey. “Let’s all together sink into a pool of boiling gore.”

Kurvy Češi – Šnečí Med (2023, n°169)
12” vinyl / digital

Three years ago Kurvy Češi happened to polarize the local hc/punk community with their smash debut album “We Are Family”. Their chaotic cosmic noise rock sound combined with hallucinatory vocals tickled the ears of many. Many loved it, and few, let’s say, did not really appreciate the extra mile Kurvy Češi took to distance them from standards. All together mixed with unique artwork of their singer Jan Uličný, their debut album happened to be a cult classic and must have for fans of challenging noise rock music rooted in the fruitful history of the genre established by labels such as Skin Graft, GLS or Gravity… more

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