KÜROISHI – Poverty. Ignorance. Greed. Slavery. LP

d-beat / crust


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Konečně se podařilo do distra sehnat tuhle finskou nabroušenou d-beat / crust sebranku. Na Finsko netradiční švédský” zvuk. Hrubej crustcore! Artwork od Sugiho. Tohle je povinnost!

Scandinavia has a rich history of a certain stereotype: “punk bands consisting of older metal guys that want to play d-beat and bring the heaviness and brutality of metal along with them”. Skit System, Wolfbrigade, Disfear, etc. This idea evolved across the ocean with Tragedy (USA), whose influence was felt around the world, including back in Scandinavia. Bands like Acursed, Kontrovers, Unkind, etc worked the Tragedy influence back into this sort of metallic kang, and the rest is history (aka A LOT of records by a lot of bands over many years). 

It is my personal opinion that Kürøishi has managed to make the first GREAT record in this style since Pazahora made their last album 5 years ago. Veteran dudes from bands like Terveet Kadet and Deathchain playing melodic/epic metal-tinged crusty hardcore, with dynamic, memorable songs and bleak, dark riffs. The obvious comparison is Tragedy, but this is more Scandinavian and less Japanese hardcore, more depressing and more ruckus. 

Art by the legendary Sugi. 



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