IRON FIST – We Are Motorpunks LP

metal / punk


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There’s IRON FIST the British underground magazine, “Iron Fist” the immortal anthem by the one and only MÖTORHEAD and now there’s IRON FIST from Los Angeles, California and this lot is as thirsty and as pissed off as those two. Then again, you can’t get wrong when you have songtitles like “Pussy Time”, “Metal Punk Mania” or “We Are the Death squad” can you? And besides, when you call your album ‘We Are Motorpunks’, it leaves very little room for interpretation and guess what fuckers, yep, that’s the whole fuckin’ point.
A one-man machine in the studio – where everything, incl. beers drinking and hell raisin’ is done by the aptly named Dr Rock – yet a four-headed beast that had been ravaging live stages both in the US and in Europe since 2007, this metalpunk at its finest, loud and obnoxious, music to get drunk to or to listen to while fucking your girlfriend. After countless demos and chaotic performances in squats and sleazy bars and in parallel with the release of their second 7 inches (‘Boneshaker’) on Doc’s Dungeons records, they’ve finally got around to record their first proper full-length and DOOMENTIA is more than proud to have been chosen to unleash it in vinyl format. And among its ten tracks of intense rock n’rolling, it includes one (“Warriors of the Night”) exclusive to this version. 
So INEPSY, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY, SPEEDWOLF and of course MÖTORHEAD fans, put your boots on, a six-pack out of the fridge and get ready to get fucked!!!!

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