HELLBASTARD – The Need To Kill: Rage, Murder, Revenge & Retaliations … The Rise Of The Working Classes … LP

stenchcore / metal
bílý vinyl


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HELLBASTARD are back, after many, many years of silence the Metal Crusties from the UK deliver a brand new album. Singer and guitarist Scruff (only left member from the old line-up) added two new members, then they went to the HELLFIRE Studios in Birmingham and recorded 14 furious Metal sonx for this LP. Some people will be surprised that the new sound is very metallic but I love the new songs. Crushing, fast and thrashy sonx with a lot of variety, way more modern Thrash Metal than the metallic Crust HELLBASTARD used to play in the past. This is the new HELLBASTARD of today !!!! Listen to their sound, bang your head and jump around like a maniac !!!

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