FOX DEVILS WILD – The Beat Of Conformity LP

anarcho / post punk


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15 song debut LP from FOX DEVILS WILD, an excellent new Punk band out of Berlin.
Female vocals are sung in a mixture of German and English (depending on each song) and the music is up front and really refreshing.
This LP instantly grabs your attention with its thundering drums and razor sharp production, the use of synthesizers adds to the anthemic feel to the album.
Though they’re not overdone, kind of in the same way CONFLICT used them in the 90’s.
This is fist in the air stuff whilst at the same time sounding so varied muscially that it’s like a mix of 80’s New Wave and modern day Post Punk, but with a kind of 90’s crust vibe. it’s actually very hard to pigeon hole this LP but I can assure you it’ll be different to anything else you’ve heard this year.
Comparions musically between POST REGIMENT, RUBELLA BALLET, INNER CONFLICT or even a faster BELGRADO.
Most importantly, it’s catchy and powerful, uplifting and interesting throughout.

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