EMBERS – Shadows 2LP

crust / doom


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It’s hard to define the music style of these guys…
Coming from the hardcore punk/crust scene -Kelly and Steve were members of Lesser of Two-, Oakland, CA based Embers play skillfully with elements of Black metal, Doom and Crust with a catchy and original taste. Imagine Ludicra and Remains of the Day dining and jamming with Emperor in the depths of a crypt, and you would be close to comprehending the result.
It is perhaps the massive use of keyboards, which give an aura of gloomy atmosphere to the whole recording, without disturbing or overpowering the frequent epic guitar duels.
Every element, be it the guitar riffing (obscure and melodic, using tremolo-picking), the complex rhythm section (sometimes furiously blasting, sometimes heavy pounding) or the masterly interplay between the two voices (the grim vocal of Kelly and the growl of Timm), blends to perfection.
In the end, their style is unique, try to believe it.

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