CRUDE – Drug Culture LP

hardcore / punk


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1st press comes with huge poster (33×23 inch)! Comes in amazing artwork by japanese punk-art legend SUGI! Comes with insert sheet.

Brand new LP from this long-running and killer Japanese hardcore band. There is no need for any introduction with a band like Crude!

Crude been around since 1995 and have come to define the ‘Hakodate sound’: melodic and layered Japanese hardcore played with heart and drive.

As always, the sound is mega-tight Japanese hardcore with virtuosic playing and tons of bizarre twists and turns in the songwriting. Like the later Gauze stuff, the songs jerk back and forth in ways that barely make sense but still just work. An absolute ripper, and with fucking SUGI killer artwork too.

Here you’ll get no fancy, car-stereo, diamond-sound album. The album is recorded on a four-track. Six raging songs of pure rawness and rage combined with blazing melodies. This release is way more stripped down compared to most of their former recordings and they wanted it to be this way to show of their dirty side. It might take one, two or more listens to realize how good it is and it definitely is!

Pure ‘Burning Spirit’ hardcore at its best!!


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