ATARAXY – Revelations Of The Ethereal LP

death metal


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Španělský death metal a jejich nová druhá deska. Old school paráda ve stylu Autopsy / Bolt Thrower.


Awakening from a dream to realize that nightmare has stepped in, it inevitably leads to gathering speed and strength for worse: actually, for much more than the worst that can be ever imagined. The sanctuary of all hope fades away, disappearing as ground beneath the feet, while the force of gravity attracting the body to an uncertain destiny is not the most dantesque scenario but the complete ignorance about how everlasting, this new dimension of decline will be instead. Spaniards’ Ataraxy didn’t fall from grace but jumped intentionally by self-will onto the cascade of souls that feel desolation as their natural habitat. Otherwise, it couldn’t be possible having grown in terms of creativity and adultness with such determination for horrific surety. Because theirs is not the depiction of a fictional setting, rich on creepy and dead landscapes, but the expression through pounding doomy death metal about where their hearts and minds dwell. And so, they deepen with every single bloody day, forward the most soulless place ever: their promised land as pilgrims of the passed away one, so to speak.


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