AGATHOCLES – Mincing Through The Maples LP

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THERE´S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SPEAKERS – IT´S ONLY MINCECORE FROM HELLGIUM!AGATHOCLES  was  founded  in  1985  and  released  countless  records  so  far.  So,  maybe  for  some  people  this output  doesn´t  have  any  meaning  at  all  because  it  is  just  another  AGx  record  in  their  eyes.  We  are  aware that!  Nevertheless,  we  have  to  release  this  noise!  Respect  and  support  to  Agathocles,  because  “grind  is protest”!For  me  (Andy)  this  is  a  record  to  fulfill  an  approx.  25  years  old  dream.  I´m  a  huge  fan  of  AG  noise  since  I  was a  teenager.  I  collected  all  their  records…  ok,  at  least  I  tried  it  during  the  first  years…  later  I  had  to  give  up because  of  lack  of  money…  Thanks  to  Jan  AG  for  trusting  in  Animate  Records  and  giving  us  the  possibility  to release this record. Thank you, brother!This  record  has  a  special  meaning  to  Agathocles  as  well:  In  August  2015  Jan  AG  contacted  us  regarding  a release  to  say  thanks  to  all  the  people  who´ve  been  so  helpful,  caring  and  supportive  when  the  band  played in  Toronto  2015.  Agathocles  had  much  trouble  with  the  US  government  there.  You  can  read  the  full  story  at the liner notes written by Jan AG.“Mincing   through   the   maples”   contains   some   great   raw   Agathocles   tracks   that   were   recorded   live   on Wednesday  19th  August  2015  at  the  “Coalition”  club  in  Toronto,  Canada.  Many  of  the  favorite  Agathocles songs are in the setlist and the sound captures all the spirit of this gig.

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