V/A 4 WAY TO HELL – comp. EP

comp. EP’
Gritos De Alerta / Sick Terror / Beyond Description / Lady Die


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Here’s a cool international four-way split 7 from the folks at Terrötten, starting with Gritos de Alerta (Brazil) appearing in full force with some fucking raging hardcore/punk that has a few crusty undercurrents. These two tracks are fiercely energetic and the band has a nice recording that helps things along. Beyond Description (Japan) opens with an instrumental that leans in a thrashier metal direction and follows that up with a concise track in a more hardcore/punk vein, complete with vocals in Japanese. The raw recording definitely hurts them, and I’d prefer to hear slightly more of the thrash metal influences mixed in with “Bluff” (the second track), but this is still pretty cool. Sick Terror (Brazil) offers more straight up hardcore/punk with some faster rhythms and vocal patterns reminiscent of the 80’s crossover style. One of their tracks is from their “Aborto Legal” 7″, though it’s an alternate recording I believe, as the mix is even but the tones are a little rugged. Closing out is Lady!Die (The Netherlands), a female trio, dropping one track (named after the band) of strange hardcore/punk with a quirky sense of discordance and rhythm – especially the vocal patterns. Musically this is a lot slower than the other three bands. The record is pressed on insanely thick clear red vinyl and is numbered out of 700 copies. The sleeve is black and white with some illustrations and stuff on the outer covers, and inside are lyrics and a band photo for each participant. It could look better, but for the most part the information anyone might need is included. Not bad. I’d be curious to hear more from the non-Brazilian bands too, but it’s truly the Brazilians that shine on this collection. Good work. (7/10)

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