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V současnosti nejlepší a nejproduktivnější grind / power violence od našich polských sousedů Suffering Mind na splitu s anglickou fastcore / grind kapelou The Afternoon Gentlemen, která nás tady v Čechách párkrát rozsekala.


Proving that there is more to Poland than strong beer and cheap labour, Suffering Mind serve up another platter of devastating top-notch blast. This is a band that churns out the vinyl as though the format was about to run out – they have released an almost constant stream of wax in just about every size and colour imaginable over the last couple of years, but they keep the standards as high as the strength of the spirits they drink. This time round they dish out 4 shots of 79% proof grindcore (including an Assuck cover) that will leave you dazed, damaged and dribbling. On the other side, English morons The Afternoon Gentlemen try to keep up to speed with 6 of their own concoctions, albeit resembling more of a mutant mixture of cider, tonic wine and cheap sherry. This cocktail comes with a grindcore umbrella, but is served in an unwashed powerviolence-shaped glass, with more than a faint whiff of bin-juice. Artwork came courtesy of Gayf Grief from the mighty Art Of Burning Water.

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