SEDEM MINUT STRACHU – Sedem Minut Samurai EP

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The new generation of noisecore royalty. Legends in the making. Current reigning champions of Europe by my measure. A band named Seven Minutes of Fear”, melding Seven Minutes of Nausea and Fear of God in their home language, can’t really go wrong there.

I have loved SMS since their initial string of split 7″s that I distro’d here in the USA, and they are one of the few bands that inspire genuine excitement and urgency within me with each new release. Not only do I need it, I need it NOW, every time. Their blunt style of noisecore is perfectly executed. It’s simple really: just a trio of maniacs mindlessly bashing and howling away as fast and as loud as they can. Always impeccably brutal, always leaping off the grooves energetic, and always stylistically realized and thoughtful. Simply perfect.

I was already a fan when they wrote me wanting to trade, and after we hit it off, I was quick to offer them a release. Bless these men for having such patience with me as that was quite some time ago LOL.

But now we will release these recordings made on their recent Japan tour, with Ryohei (Final Exit) at the helm in his own personal recording studio. 9 minutes of nonstop fury and reckless “fuck riffs” attitude, out in time for their USA/Canada tour this fall.


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