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After playing a lot of shows, one tour and one demotape we finally present you the first e.p. of this four- piece Hardcore outfit from Berlin. Although the bandname is „Schwach“, which is the german word for „weak“ you’ll get seven songs of strong and powerful old school Hardcore combined with melodic and even some mosh elements. The songs have a very fast and tight drumline with powerful guitars and very angry vocals, which are screaming the lyrics in german, so this sounds like missing link between youth crew/positive hardcore and classic Deutschpunk bands from the 80s. The lyrics deal with political and personal stuff, like the racist immigration acts in Germany, police brutality or how you have to live your life in this achievement-oriented society. The cover- artwork shows you a nice drawing of animals in a squatted house, which is a sequel of their demo- cover where these animals are destroying famous monuments in Berlin. So if you are into youth crew styled HC, combined with pissed off punkrock, you’ll like SCHWACH! This 7 is a co-release between Refuse Records and Raccoone Records (Germany).


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