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Almost one year has passed since REVEL IN FLESH latest album ‘Death Kult Legions’ was unleashed upon mankind but think not for a second that the best Swedeath band out of Germany have been resting on their laurels – far from it. 
A proud warrior of the underground that proudly play by the rules, they’ve already amazed half a dozen splits EP over the last three years. 
So when DOOMENTIA – with whom they already worked with for a piece of wax shared with Grave Wax back in 2014 – offered them to once again do a split EP this time with Mexico’s own death merchants ZOMBIEFICATION under the ‘Eyeless Ghoulish Horror’ banner, they’ve instantly jumped on the occasion like rabid dogs! 
Recorded at the bands’s own Vault M. studios and mastered once again mixed by Swedish guru Dan Swanö, their side includes a six minutes plus HM-2 drenched tribute to the one and only ‘Night of the Living Dead’ movie, simply titled “Nightrealm Ghouls – The Dead Will Walk the Earth”. 
On the flipside, the ‘Metal raised on Aztec bloodshed’ duo known as ZOMBIEFICATION draw two shorter, more straight-to-the-point and thrashy yet killer and extremely raw unreleased tracks that are the first ones since last year’s well received ‘Procession through Infestation’ album. 
The tracks were recorded at Antigua Recordings (Hacavitz, Ravager, Disgorge, Raped God) and you can definitely feel the stench coming out of the speakers. 
Lyric theme is based around Lovecraft´s Dunwich Horror. 
Overall, over thirteen minutes of horror-filled Death freakin’ Metal the ancient way. Behold! 

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