PHOBIA – Grind Core EP

grind core
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Phobia continues their legacy as one of the most intense, fierce and authentic grindcore bands out there. It’s impossible to hear a disappointing album from this bunch of rockers, and Grindcore is not an exception. Brian Fajardo, again, continues being one of the best drummer in the business, not only at being so mechanical and precise but at maintaining a certain “humanity” in his playing. The rest of the band, CC, Calum and Dorian are also at the top of their game. They have the speed, control and sense of pride in what they do that guarantees that hundreds of kids around the planet consider trading their videogames for guitars. Even the vocal delivery of Shane in this release sounds more pissed and a bit more brutal than usual. This release has no flaws, it is fast, to the point and it has been created by a band that really knows how to grind not only your ears but your mind.

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