ORDEN MUNDIAL – Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno 7″EP

raw punk / hardcore


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MUS154 ORDEN MUNDIAL – Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno 7”
“Porque Las Drogas Son Veneno” is a limited 7” released on time for ORDEN MUNDIAL USA/Colombia Tour including some of the songs that will be in their next LP. Their EP recorded analog in Berlin with Tobias Lilli displays the chaos and sonic venom that this Mallorca outfit have us accustomed to. Four existentialist tracks of distorted hardcore tracks joined together which bring to mind the most out of control parts of UNITED MUTATIONS or VOID with the in unapologetic attitude of WRETCHED or SHOTGUN SOLUTION. Look in the mirror, what you see is what you hate.

Limited to 300 copies with artwork by Bernat Mundial.

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