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Do not worry long-time NUNSLAUGHTER fans: those two new rabid tracks by your favourite purveyors of ‘devil metal’ may have for the first time an actual big and fat production but fear not, Satan homeboys haven’t lost their fucking touch. As a matter of fact, now reenergized by the return of their former-guitarist-now-turned-bass-player ‘The Deserter’ and still faithful to their spikes n’blasphemy approach that had been theirs from day one, “Creeping Darkness” and “It Comes In Threes” may actually be the best NUNSLAUGHTER songs you’ll hear this year! That is, until they release another split EP of course… 

On the flipside, Mark Riddick strikes again! No stranger to both DOOMENTIA (who have just released his first and mandatory official book of illustrations) and NUNSLAUGHTER, for whom he already designed few covers and even shared pieces of wax with before, the illustrator always had few aces up his sleeve. So when he’s not designing perverted drawings that have become synonymous with everything that is evil and disgusting in extreme metal, he’s also playing in various projects and bands – such as FETID ZOMBIE, MACABRA or GRAVE WAX to name but a few. Yet, among all these, UNBURIED always had a personality on its own. And for their first sign of life in three years, they’re showing yet another face… Here, not only Riddick’s bass playing is right up here in your face but during the course of the almost seven minutes long “Solace”, this power-trio just adds a different and twisted spin to what NYDM is supposed to be. Infused with thrash riffing, bizarre harmonies and Matt Pike (no, not that Matt Pike!) scruffy vocals, it simply just doesn’t sound like anything else out there.

Artwork by Mark Riddick. 

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