MUNDO MUERTO – Rompe El Silencio EP

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An exciting new band from the Southern California area—which I have had the pleasure of seeing a few times this year—that has really caught my eye and ears. Featuring a collection of members from Mala Sangre, The Homewreckers, and Svarta Tankar, this band has an early ‘80s sound that takes pieces from South America and Mexico and make it sound relevant today. Songs sung in Spanish are backed by a sonic push of lightly distorted guitar sounds that give the music a raw edge but hook you with their strong melody. It makes you want to just dance in the pit or pogo in your room. First time I heard the music, I got energized with excitement that I’m really going to have fun listening to this instead of the usual appreciation of music through anger. I can’t wait to see what more is in store from this foursome. –Donofthedead (Mundo Muerto,

Rompe el Silencio by Mundo Muerto

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