LUMPEN – Desesperación 7″EP

hardcore / raw punk


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LUMPEN is a band gestated in Barcelona and carries the undeniable touch of rawness that the Colombian roots of its members provide. It sounds pretty close to what the cover art -designed by its bassist Mateo Correal- suggests, and without a doubt it embodies its title: despair (desesperación). Iconic rhythms of the UK-82 accompany messages that invite us to take over public spaces and a kind of urban guerrilla self-managed by the nihilistic impulse propitious of punk. Aiming strictly to capture a feeling rather than replicate a style substantially musical, the bass rhythms in a melodious boom consume the listener into what feels like being sucked into a dark pit of tar. As a matter of fact, a voice in agony accompanies visceral bursts of noise that incite to an insane pit. With extreme influences that range from Chaos UK, Disorder to The Clay, LUMPEN itself is a totally crackling proposal, inviting an anti-partisan political initiative that is far from the conformist nihilism that prevails during these times. (Educacion Cinica)

Our take: Desesperación is the debut EP from this Barcelona band featuring members who grew up in Colombia. The things you hear right away when you drop the needle on Desesperación are energy and power… it’s one of those records that pops out of your speakers, that make it difficult to sit still. It has a great sound (particularly the drums), and the band plays powerfully and authoritatively, the bouncy energy reminding me of Blazing Eye their associates. When you listen, though, you hear there’s a lot going on with Lumpen. The label’s description notes the band doesn’t want to recreate a particular style, and bits of Desesperación remind me of a lot of different things… the bouncy pogo parts remind me of Chaos UK, the often dissonant, chorus-tinged guitars are like Vittna’s, the noisiness makes me think of Geld, and the vocals are their own thing… forceful, but anthemic and snotty. Desesperación is a unique, powerful EP with great sound and beautiful packaging, and it’s a highlight amongst the strong batch of new Discos Enfermos releases.

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