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MRR #303, August 08:
This ear-shattering blown-out mess is some of the best sounding hardcore to come out of Scandinavia since AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ. INSTÄNGD is a bit of a departure from half the mebers’ other band REGULATIONS. It’s loud and fast and is more remiscent of traditional Scandinavian hardcore. Definitely top-ten material. (PL)

HC Holocaust:
Instangd’s new wave of Swedish hardcore-punk that goes back to the roots of the ’80s hardcore rawpunk. This is the 2nd offering from these Umea hardcore-punks paying homage to Scandinavian classics like HEADCLEANERS/HUVUDTVATT and even MINOR THREAT.

Razorcake #46:
Definitely more accessible than last year’s release on Sorry State Records, Instängd is still bringing the raw, noisy hardcore Swedish punk without fail. Sure if you don’t know Swedish, you might not know what they’re hollering about. But I’m pretty positive they’re pissed off about that same tha make everyone plug in and make a whole lot of racket (Daryl)

Short Fast & Loud #20:
Killer hardcore out of the freezin cold of Northern Europe, Sweden to exact. Instängd manage to blaze through six cuts of hasty, very powerful plus all-out blistering early 80’s hardcore at its best. Think of a mixture of basic Circle Jerks, Reflex From Pain and the like. If someone would’ve played this EP to me and i didn’t know any better, i would’ve bet this is Amipunk straight out of ’83. Yep, you see, this is music that grabs you by the throat immediately and beats the the fuck out of you. Dare I say that this scorching EP is even better than Instängd’s first effort, the Mitt svar på ingenting” 7″ from last year? Of course cuz I’m the fucking critic. All things considered, this gem is a must have!!

Short Fast & Loud #22:
Six caustic teeth-rattlers from these noisy Swedes. Fuckin’ raw hardcore that sits somewhere between past distortion maestors from these boys’ own frozen homeland and early US hardcore punk liht THE CIRCLE JERKS. Absolutely filthy recording but with power to spare, this record has a sound similar to pressing your ear next to a blown out speaker in a 100 watt tube head turned up to 11 while someone punches the back of your head. No crusty d-beat trends or bullet belt wearing wolf skulls to be found – just savage catchy distortion punk that would make an excellet soundtrack to a fist fight or any other drunken punk debauchery. Damn nice record.

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