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Víte co dělají členové Coma?

Electric mangel out of Göteborg, Sweden featuring members of Coma. 300 random-color vinyl 7-inch records pressed, 8 tracks, 45 rpm. Recorded by David Zackrisson, mastered for vinyl by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio. BOM-2019-03

There is quite a bit of color variation in the 300 pressed. The photo example is from the first few records pulled from the first box opened.

Swedish trio Hospitalet know all about writing tunes that sound toxic enough to give you tetanus. The band features members from crust group Coma, who released a hammering self-titled album over a decade ago. However, Hospitalet deal in more sour / strident noise punk on their harsher-than-harsh self-titled EP.
-In Crust We Trust, Volume 7

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