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September 3, 2014 in San Jose, CA, USA: Half-way through the west coast leg of their massive continental tour, Sete Star Sept (with God’s America in tow) performed live on the radio much to the chagrin of station staff and surprise of anyone randomly flipping through radio stations. The recordings of these broadcast performances were so good, and the memories of Sete Star Sept/God’s America west coast tour dates so positive, that we all decided to collectively release it on a neat and tidy 7.

Sete Star Sept is basically the best band in the world. Duh. In a live setting, they are an experience unlike any other. Bending physics, warping reality, overloading senses, they simply rage harder, faster, and stronger than anybody else. Sometimes you sit back and wonder “man, are these even songs?” and then you notice how they always manage to start/stop on-point and follow each other’s cues and you’re just left with a little sense of awe. A performance that’s so wild, unhinged, and chaotic, that it feels like “music” isn’t the appropriate expression to contain it.

God’s America hails from my favorite American city (Las Vegas) and totally won me over when they played in Baltimore a few years back. They straddle the line between “fast hardcore/power violence” and “grindcore”, being just too brutal for a hardcore band but too rooted in organic sounds and energies to be a grindcore band (with all the inhuman musical tropes associated with the genre). The result is a band that plays a totally familiar yet distinctly unique style of grind/hardcore that I find particularly pleasing. I’m REALLY happy to finally release a record for them, and I hope we’ll do more in the future



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