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In the new world order with alternative facts one has to be cautious about misinformation. But in this case if you are told that INFEST is spelled EXIT UNIT” then you can be sure that this isn’t some sort of double speak. Check out the names of the crew responsible for this aural hate (Denunzio, Domino, and Bob Kasitz)…. it doesn’t get more authentic than that. Eight tracks of blazing hardcore that can serve as the back drop for World War III. – thank you Ebullition for the description.
POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Matt Domino and Joe Denunzio are the best team since Rocky and Bullwinkle, having permanently changed the game with INFEST. The dynamic duo is back with Bob of Deep Six/LACK OF INTEREST/LOW THREAT PROFILE/FRACTURED/TO THE POINT lore with EXIT UNIT, which is more or less the band that has been playing live as INFEST over the past few years. These 9 tracks are exactly what one can expect from these godfathers of power-violence hardcore

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