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Minneapolis raw d-beat maniacs. Savage d-beat punk in the Disclose tradition. 8 track recording with layer on layer of noise. Pro dubbed cassettes.

This first run was gone before most people heard of the band so Desolate has reissued the tapes for a limited run. Get ’em while they last.

DSR 014


Revenge Records – 
“It is closer to DISCARD than the initial DISCLOSE aiming at DISCARD! What?

US 3 piece from Minneapolis D-BEAT RAW PUNK 1st pro copy cassette with 10 songs in 2018 by the new group!

Because the band name uses the DISCLOSE story also on the sleeve in the song title of DISCLOSE, it is obvious that it is DISCLOSE warship, but this sound is amazing! ! !

This is exactly RAW! And a very simple D – BEAT RAW PUNK with blackness of salt plum which makes you want to give a clown!

And this is also wonderful This vocal roaring in vain with a crooked voice like dying!

This vocal is very similar to DISCARD and it is awesome! Is not it only Watahushi?

Well anyway, I think that this group of styles is pretty much all over the world today, but this group seems to be striking with a DECONTROL hammering condition rarely seen among them.

I am really looking forward to future development but please do not break up immediately ~! “

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