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Celebrating both their current European trek and their upcoming splits with both GRAVES AT SEA and HOODED MENACE (the latter due also through DOOMENTIA!), Nashville’s masters of misery have agreed to reissue maybe their most cult and poignant release, their legendary 2005 split EP with the German funeral doom legends, WORSHIP.

Initially available on one very collectable 7 inches in 400 copies only through the extremely selective yet revered PAINIAC imprint, this was only their second official release yet a very important one for them. In ‘only’ its seven minutes and a half agonizing minutes, “An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight” already bore everything that soon would become their trademark: the suffocating sound, the extremely low and guttural vocals and yet, its somehow fragile beauty. Although it’d be rerecorded for their ‘Despond’ full-length six years later, this early version is mandatory.

Mind you, this was a pivotal EP for WORSHIP too. The as bleak “Divided” was their first ever track released that didn’t featured their original leader and spiritual guide Fucked Up Max, who tragically committed suicide in 2001. After a three years break, original member and guitarist The Doommonger had decided to put the band together in honour of Max. And this song was the very first incarnation of the ‘new’ WORSHIP made public. Though not as raw as their iconic debut ‘Last Tape Before Doomsday’, “Divided” was no less extreme, a depressing slooooow dirge that did dare letting some ray of light shine through only to swallow it in utter darkness the next minute.

Nine years later, this is still one of funeral doom most memorable split and is available once again, with a brand new artwork to boot and the usual classy packaging treatment, courtesy of DOOMENTIA of course.

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